What’s Next

At our clinics, we do the work so you don’t have to. 

  • We collect all your lab specimens at the clinic and forward to the labs. There is no need for you to visit a lab on your own except prior to the followup visit.
  • We dispense the abortion pill at the clinic so there is no need to visit the pharmacist
  • We do all the ultrasounds for first and follow-up appointments at the clinic. There is no need for an external ultrasound, unless there are complications.
  • We bill most 3rd party insurance companies on your behalf so there is no need to pay up front and collect later.
  • We will reciprocal bill out of province patients on your behalf.
  • Uninsured and out of country patients are welcome.

Appointment Overview: Medical(Pill) and Surgical

    There are several steps the first are common to both procedures

  • Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a receptionist who will ask you to complete a medical history form and review pre-counselling material.
  • The nurse/counsellor will then meet with you privately to talk about what your various options are and if an abortion is wanted what kind makes sense for you. Both procedures are outlined below
  • The nurse/counsellor will then review your medical history along with what to expect with abortion, how to take any medications, follow up plans, as well as answering any questions or concerns you may have

What happens during a medical termination.

  • After counselling you will meet with the physician to assess your eligibility to take the pregnancy termination pill safely.
  • A dating ultrasound will be done to ensure that your pregnancy is less than 9 weeks (63 days).
  • You will require a blood test.
  • If your blood type is Rh-negative you will be given a WinRho (RhoGAM) injection to protect future pregnancies.
  • If deemed safe, you will take a tablet under the supervision of your doctor (Step 1).
  • You will be provided with a kit to take home that includes the 4 tablets (to take between 24 to 48 hours after taking first tablet).
  • You will be given a lab req. and reminded that a second blood test is required in 7 days from your first clinic visit. This test can be done at any laboratory for your convenience.
  • You will be offered a follow-up appointment in 14 to 21 days from your first clinic visit or you can book this with any doctor, walk-in clinic or community health facility
  • Our health professionals will monitor your lab work and will contact you if there are any concerns and are availabe to answer any concerns you may have throughout your case

What happens during a surgical termination).

  • After counselling you will disrobe below the waste and don a paper gown.
  • A dating ultrasound will be done to ensure that your pregnancy is less than 18 weeks.
  • If your blood type is Rh-negative you will be given a WinRho (RhoGAM) injection to protect future pregnancies.
D&C procedure common to all abortions to 17 weeks
  • You'll meet the doctor who will confirm your procedure, address any concerns you might have and begin the procedure
  • A nurse will insert an I.V. into your arm and you will be given a sedatative and pain killer
  • The doctors will insert a speculum into your vagina.
  • Next they inject a local anesthetic into your cervix
  • The doctor will then dilate the cervix with progressivly sized dilators.
  • After sufficient dilation, a curette is then inserted into the uterus through the dilated cervix and gently scrapes the lining of the uterus.
  • Next a plastic tubular curette is connected to suction and introduced into the uterus to remove all the tissue.
  • The staff confirm the procedure is complete and the doctor applys a topical disinfectant.
  • You are then placed in the recovery room monitored by a nurse.
  • A nurse will discharge you from recovery and you can leave. Usually about 1/2 hour, but everyone reacts differntly to the procedure.
12 weeks and under
  • No other steps than our standard D&C
12 to 14 weeks
  • You may be given a hormone-blocking tablet to help soften your cervix. They take about two hours to take effect. You can leave the clinic while waiting.
  • After a few hours you will have the D&C procedure described above
14 to 17 weeks
  • This procedure is completed in 2 appointments, 24 hours apart
  • The doctor will exam you and you and may perform some dilation similar to above
  • He will then insert a special device that swells over time until the cervix widens to allow the abortion to occur. Medications may also be given.
  • The next day you will have D$C precedure described above

Please remember that our Clinic is always available should you have any questions, our staff monitor your lab work and will follow up with you as neccessary.

You always have our 24 hour telephone support number provided at your appointment