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To book an appointment please read the following and

The Mississauga clinic provides safe abortions for women under 18 weeks. we provide both medical (pill) abortions, and surgical (D&C) abortions

In order to book your appointment, we will need:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact number
  • Your OHIP or Private Insurance Policy numbers (we bill on your behalf for IFH and UHIP patients) or cash
  • When you had your last menstrual period
  • Whether you have any allergies or health concerns
  • How you confirmed your pregnancy

There are several methods of confirming a pregnancy:  a home pregnancy test is the most common, but an ultrasound, urine or blood test by your doctor or walk-in clinic are also acceptable.  You don’t need to bring or keep the pregnancy test results.

  • For the pill abortions your appointment will take approximately 1 hour
  • For surgical abortions expect to be in the clinic for 3 hours
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please provide us with 24-hour notice.
  • For patient privacy, our waiting room is reserved for patients and interpreters only.
  • If you are under 4 weeks pregnant you may have to rebook, we must be able to see the pregnancy on the ultrasound for your safety for both procedures

On the day of your appointment all patients must bring

  • For patient privacy concerns, Only your and your interpretor are allowed in the clinic
  • You must bring your Health Card or Insurance Documents
  • There are fees for optional services that are not covered by OHIP or other insurance parties. You do not have to pay or receive these uninsured services to access an abortion.
  • If you have an IUD it will be removed during your visit (please inform us)

for surgical appointments

  • You must not drive to or from the clinic, you will be under the influence of narcotics. Taxi and Uber are fine
  • Do Not take eat or drink for 4 hours prior to your appointment
  • Bring a maxi pad, sanitary napkin
  • Bring slippers or socks to wear in the clinic

In Canada, you may not be qualified to take the abortion pill if any of the following apply to you. But don't worry there are options for every pregnancy

  • You are over 10 Weeks pregnant
  • You had a C-Section in the last 12 weeks
  • You have been diagnosed with a blood disorder.
  • You have Addison’s Disease (Adrenal Failure)
  • You are Anemic

Patients 18 weeks and over please try The Cabbagetown clinic @ 416.323.0642