Mississauga Women’s Clinic

Mississauga Women’s Clinic (M.W.C.)
101 Queensway Ave. W Unit 401
Mississauga, ON

Abortion and Reproductive Health Services

Established in 2000, Mississauga Women’s Clinic (m.W.C.) is a clinic providing safe and confidential pregnancy termination and reproductive health services to women in Southern Ontario. Conveniently located in Mississauga near the Q.E.W. just west of Hurontario and the Queensway, our clinic is visited by patients from all over the world

At Mississauga Women’s Clinic, we understand that deciding to end a pregnancy is one of the most difficult decisions a woman will ever make. If you have made this decision, be assured that you are not alone – we are here to provide you with professional medical care in a safe, caring, and non-judgemental environment.

To date, we have received many positive comments about our services. We accomplish this by working with doctors specially trained in providing medical terminations; with professional, experienced, and dedicated staff; and by emphasizing cleanliness and sterility throughout our clinic. Patient safety and comfort are our main priorities.

Medical terminations are covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan), UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan), CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Plan), and IFH (Interim Federal Health Program). Patients do not require parental/guardian consent.

Our pregnancy termination and reproductive health services include:

  • counselling (including contraception)
  • surgical abortions, dilation and curettage
  • Medical abortions (pill)
  • 24 hour telephone support
  • post-abortion care
  • prescription for contraception
  • IUD insertion
  • IUD removal
  • ultrasound imaging for abortion patients
  • telephone advice

Confidentiality Assured

At Mississauga Women’s Clinic, we are committed to protecting your privacy by strictly following all regulations governing patient confidentiality. All information about your visit is strictly confidential. We do not disclose any information about your visit to anyone without your written consent.